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If you read in yesterdays post which was also my first post ( you can read it here Hello),i said that i will be doing daily blogging in February and today is the second day of it. I still haven’t decided any name for it. If you have any suggestion please let me know in the comments.

What better way to start my second post than a get to know the writer behind the blog. So today i will talk about myself.

Well lets start shall we?

My name is Rafiia hussain. I am 21 years old and my birthday is on 12 July 1995.I am an interior architecture student.

This is my third blog and all my previous blogs have been deleted because i was never satisfied with them. So i stopped those blogs and started this brand new blog  but with the same name as my previous one. This time i decided to go self hosted and bought a shinny new blog design from Pip dig. Hoping to have somewhat satisfaction with the way my blog will look and i will be able to focus more on my content.

I love reading novels mostly romantic (any suggestions welcomed), Pizza, Pepsi and TV Shows ( Supernatural, Lucifer, The flash, Arrow, Timeless , limitless you name it, i have seen each and every episode of them) and all my time is spend doing these thing other than studying (obviously).

Socially awkward but once i get comfortable with someone i am a completely different person. I am open-minded person and hate those who judge others without knowing enough about them ( how about you keep your judgement to yourself pal?)

Despite being in blogging world for two years, i hardly know anyone or should i say anyone hardly knows me. You can tell i love someone or admire them if i RT or Like their tweets.

I hope to interact with more people and  try to be more social with them. And just kind of enjoy this without worrying about everything.

Tell me about yourself or introduce yourself  in the comments, so that we can get to know each other.


Rafiia xoxo.


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