Goals for February 2017


Although i didn’t made any new years resolutions at the beginning of the year but as a new month has approached and i have decided to daily blog i feel like i should have some sort of realistic monthly goals so i can work on achieving them. These goals are mostly blog related.

1.Complete my Daily Blogging of February

If you have read my first post you will know that i have decided to do daily blogging in this month. If truth be told my last blog which lasted about two years had a total of 30 or maybe less posts. So it is kind of a big challenge for me to blog consistently. I am hoping that i will be able to complete it and enjoy  it while doing so.

2.Participate More in Twitter Chats and Be More Active on Twitter

In my last post i talked about how i am really not a social person and despite being on twitter for so long i have yet to have a real conversation with someone. As we all know that communication is an important part of blogging so i was hoping i will be able to come out of my shell. To be honest i am actually tried of my own behavior and starting to get annoyed with my self with each passing day, every time i go on twitter and see people having conversation and tweeting. I wish that i was like them and just get even more annoyed. So instead of wishing i am going to try and improve my social skills.

3.Start Doing Yoga

I am really not in a happy place right now and there are many things about myself that i would like to change for one reason or another. Yoga seems like a nice place to start not only it will hopefully help me to relax my mind but also it will be good for my body

4. Write Book Reviews

I love reading books on weekends or any free time i get really. I would love to try and review some of my favorite books so that i can share my love with you all.

These are the only goals i want to work on as in the past i have over estimated myself and wrote goals which were unrealistic.

Let me know what are your goals for this month. And don’t hesitate to leave links to your blogs so i can check them out.


Rafiia.  xoxo



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