Life is Tough

Life is tough.Horse painting

Life is tough

There are ups and downs.

Some get through them very well

While others  get stuck

Some are successful in what they do

While others  do whatever it takes to get success

Some people are happy with whatever little they have

While others are not satisfied by everything they have

Some help others to step up in there life

While others try to pull them down

Some of them are talented

While others are hard workers

Some are mean

While others are sweet as sugar

Some care too much even for strangers

While others don’t even care about their own

Some are happy with others success

While others envy it

Those who are happy learn from them

While others plan to criticize them

Some are happy to see you happy

While other get jealous of your happiness

There was a time when famous meant successful

But now not every one who is famous is successful now



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