Remember how it felt like to be a teenager?

How nobody took you seriously?

How your opinions

never mattered?

How they said you was too young

to understand or too inexperienced?

How they considered you immature?

Remember how somebody commented on your body type?

how you are too thin or too fat?

Remember how they commented on your voice?

how it was too shrill or hoarse?

Remember how they commented on your height?

How you are too short or too tall?

Remember how they mocked you on your outfits?

How they seem  too tight or too loose?

Or How they have holes in them?

how they are too short?

Remember how they made fun of you?

How you walk?

Or How you  eat?

How you talk?

Remember how they kept looking for your flaws?

How they kept track of your journey

just to insult you on your failure?

How they kept eye on you waiting for your mistakes?

Next time Remember that before you comment on someone else….


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