Thank you for Standing up!!

There are many things that have happened in these months especially in america with muslim ban and abortion rights. That it feels like as if we are still stuck in 16 or 17th century where many people don’t have there right. You would think that in 21st century we would be solving world hunger  but instead we are being deprived of basic human right, where we still have to fight for equality.

Thank you for standing up

Today is not really about going into details for them instead it is entirely based on the protestors. Today i want to thank all those who stood up for their or others rights.

I was extremely glad to see many people standing up to protest. Those who couldn’t physically protest took to social media to protest.

To those who protested no matter in what form. I am glad to see you all. You have restored a little faith in humanity and i hope to see you keep on protesting till we get what we want.

And to those who didn’t speak up whether you had a bigger platform or not. I understand that it can get overwhelming to speak up or share your political opinion. It’s Okay i respect your decision. I just hope at least you know that those things happening are wrong.

And to those who try to shame those who don’t speak up. You are not in any position to judge them. You don’t know what they are thinking. You are not in their shoes so you don’t know in what position they are. You do you and  let them decide for themselves what they want.

I know some might not agree with my opinion but hey everyone is entitled to there own opinions. You can’t force someone to change them. You can reason with one but there is no need to insult others for having a different opinion until or unless their opinion has a massive effect on others.

Once again Thank you so much for standing up to help protest against those who are wrong.


Rafiia .xoxo



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