TV Shows You Should Watch

If you have read my Get to know me post you will know that how much i love my books and TV shows. Last week i did the post Books i loved in 2016   where i listed few books that i love.So, I thought it was only fair if i did my favorite TV shows post as well. So here is the list of few TV Serials that i love.

TV shows you should watch


  1. Arrow
  2. Blindspot
  3. Castle
  4. Hawaii Five O
  5. DCs Legends of Tomorrow
  6. Limitless
  7. Lucifer
  8. The Mentalist
  9. Once Upon a Time
  10. Pretty Little Liars
  11. Prison Break
  12. Psych
  13. Stitchers
  14. Suits
  15. Supergirl
  16. Supernatural
  17. Teen Wolf
  18. The Flash
  19. The Walking Dead
  20. Timeless

I have listed them according to Alphabetical order as i cannot decide which i love more than the other.

Have you watched any of these? Which is your favorite TV show? If you have any suggestion for me comment them as well

Love till next time


Rafiia. xoxo


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