Will you be my Valentine?

will you be my valentine?

Will you be my valentine?

oh how  giddy with excitement i was

To finally hear him ask  “will you be my valentine”

How i was running different scenarios in my mind

To answer “Yes,I will be your valentine”

How i got excited when he texted me to meet him

Getting dolled up to be his valentine

Full of nervous energy

yet over the moon to be his valentine

Oh he did……..Yes, He did ask me

but it was not to be his valentine

Instead he asked me how his preparations were

To ask the girl next  door to be his valentine.

Oh how foolish of me to think

That a girl like me will be someone’s valentine


I have somehow managed to post consecutively for 10 days today. To be honest i am rather proud of myself.

Despite the fact that some of the last posts have been poems? creative writing or random thoughts? whatever you call them. But i still posted regularly so that’s a record for me. To be honest some of them were from my last blog which i took down. The only excuse i have for it is that i was busy because of my registration at uni for this semester so didnt got time to post something new.

Anyways, It’s the valentine’s day week. Initially i wasn’t going to publish anything related to it. But this piece got stuck in my mind and i wanted to publish it. It’s not that i hate valentines day or anything but there are many of us who feel rejected on this day so i just wanted to write that part of the story as well.

So tell me. How you will be celebrating valentine’s day? Is there something you like to do every year with your loved ones? Let’s discuss in the comments.

Love till next time


Rafiia. xoxo




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