have you ever wondered??

Little disclaimer before you read this post; I wrote it a long time ago. I was basically a hell of lot tried and pissed off hence such a ramble. To be honest I have no idea what the half of this thing is all about.

I have decided to not edit it at all and present to you my somewhat whats inside my mind kind of thing. Hope you people don’t mind bit of swear words and hell of a lot spelling mistakes.


have you ever wondered ?i mean what is the possibility of life being good>?

what doesnt hurt you dffuck

or duck

or who the hell cares

i mean i certainly don’t care

i mean do you even know what i am talking about

like seriously i am not drunk

or hungover

i am just simply

plainly sleep deprived

i swear it’s  all foggy

i mean come the fuck on its just been 26 or 27 hours

straight i have been up

but i mean people have insomnia for fucks sake

i feel patethic fuck i don’t even know the spelling of pathetic

there you go i got it right in the second time

i mean i really wish life was simple

you got what you wanted

i mean not in some psychotic way

just in simple ways

like good way

you feel what i feel

like that kid in some slums of india wants to be a doctor so let him be a doctor for fuck sake

i don’t understand what the all fuss about this money

i swear sometimes i feel like burning each and every single piece of that money

but duh it’s not like i burn it by my shopping spares duh

i mean we fucking grow that shit l

that do that hard labor and turn it into this beautiful dollar pound rial or dirham

my god we make it and then we lust after it

i mean i swear people are so fucked up

like really out of their mind

i mean you buy a house

to live in it right?

but in order to keep that house you have to leave that house every day from 9 to 5

so that you can earn

like its bat shit crazy

you know what actually pisses me off??

back story first

you see i have this lust inside me to travel the world to walk aimlessly n the streets of paris or greece or hell new zealand or any other place

to be able to see and experience other cultures to meet new people to have a whole lot of mind opeeing shit

butt and let me tell you its hell of a fucking big but

i cant

like really acnt

i really wish it was just a money problem but nahhhhh

it’s a fucking visa problem

i swear my life is fucked seven ways till sunday

controlling people

language barriers

shit passport

even shitty bank account

and then those controlling people not wanting me to be able to improve that shitty account

i mean seriously

i am not drunk]

i wish i was

like really

it would have been easier

to just let it go



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