Remove Labels

For as long as I can remember we have been labeling or being labeled by the each other around the world.

I am talking about those labels which we put on people based on their religion, country, color. Those labels which we start calling most of people by.

For instance Black, White, Asian, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, American, Fat, Skinny etc.

In my opinion there are only two type of people; the good and the bad, it has nothing to do with the religion, caste, color or physical appearance.

There are only good people who do good things, who take care of others, who make sure that they don’t do anything which might hurt others.

And then there are bad people who only try to hurt others.

We are just humans. Just trying to survive in this world in the shadow of our loved ones. Trying to make sense of our lives, Figuring out ourselves But when people start branding us with these labels, it becomes impossible to overcome them and actually represent who we are instead of  what others think we are.

So when will the time come where we will come into our senses and make this world; our earth a
better place where we wouldn’t instantly judge others based on their appearance and actually treat everyone equally.
I was inspired by a coke ad.

Just remember labels are for commodities not for people!!!!


Rafiia xox


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  1. December 4, 2017 / 12:17 AM

    Yes! Labels are not for humans – great post 🙂

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